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Redgina Hill Consulting exists to cultivate diversity and inclusion within businesses and organizations. Our unique approach is not only what differentiates us, but also what makes us successful. We provide a broad range of services and solutions to help organizations facilitate change & achieve measurable goals.

Diversity & Inclusion

Consulting Services

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Our consulting services range from one-on-one meetings to training sessions.  Through interviews with key stakeholders, we can establish a clear vision and goals to help maximize all of the work we do with your organization.

Diversity & Inclusion

Assessment & Recommendations

Assessments are key to understanding the culture of an organization.  Through electronic surveys, focus groups, and interviews, we are able to uncover areas that require immediate attention to effectively implement diversity and inclusion  strategies.  The assessment process is concluded with a presentation of our findings and customized recommendations.


Using data collected from the assessments, we will assist in designing a long and short-term diversity and inclusion strategic plan.

Diversity & Inclusion

Educational Workships

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Diversity & Inclusion

Strategic Plan Design

We will coach the Chief Diversity Officer, or the highest ranking diversity leader, through the implementation or design of a strategic plan.

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Business Meeting

With topics such as cultural competency, implicit bias, microaggressions, and privilege, participants are challenged to examine their personal beliefs and values for the betterment of the organization.  Our workshops provides strategies for individual growth, particularly as it relates to their professional roles.

Diversity & Inclusion

Champion Coaching


South Bend, IN, USA

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